As You Were

by Sean Burke

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This project was written and recorded over the span of two years, and during that time I have made many life changes. I left my steady job and home to travel the country, worked on farms in California, went to London with my family, and now am living back on Long Island working at a non-profit vegetable farm that helps feed low-income families. I made a conscious decision to do everything that I've ever wanted to do and I am making it happen. I will be successful in music and in farming, I will cherish my family and friends, always, and I will one day own land and grow my own food and y'all are all welcome...

With that said... an artist's work is always delayed by nature. Hence the album title, "As You Were". This album is a representation of me a couple years ago when I wrote all of these tunes. "As You Were", is also me saying, I'm not trying to bother anyone. Just listen if you want to. Maybe download the album and help support the creative process!

PS - please send loving good vibes to my Dad as he battles with cancer. Love you ALL.


released June 21, 2017

Mastering - Desmond Burke
Album Artwork - Bridgette Clifton
Album Cover Design - Kate Maldjian
Music and Lyrics - Sean Burke
All Instrumental and Vocal Parts Written and Recorded by Sean Burke



all rights reserved


Sean Burke Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: As You Were

Lost in your smilin'
Won't you remind me who you remind me of
The planets alignin'
Won't you be mine to wine and dine all night

Oh I want you
More than the ocean blue
Yea I need you
Need you to put me together
Yes I'll love you
For as long as I can

I don't need remindin'
You're the one I spent so much time findin'
I see your name painted in the lonely spot in my room

Track Name: Take One
Track Name: Blue Flame

I should have known when you would come my way
there would be trouble
Oh but I need it
You know I'll listen when you tell me you love me
But I know you say that to everyone

It's always perfect timing isn't it?
I know you got the feelin' let's go with it
I don't really know how to feel about you
You're a fire dressed in blue

You're a fire dressed in blue
You're a fire dressed in blue

I heard you say at the end of the day
Is it gonna be her, is it gonna be me
That you're dreamin' about in your bed
Trust your head
Trust your heart
Don't fall apart


Track Name: Try Something

This happened once before
With your head in the air and your feet on the ground
And no one can tell you otherwise
It's the only way you know how to survive

If you wanna do that
Baby don't come back
I'll be alright here
But if you wanna try something new
I'll be waiting for you
Yea I'll be waiting for you

So you can't decide what's right
Were you too busy burnin' through the night?
Well no one can tell you otherwise
It's the only way you know how to survive

Track Name: Know Your Worth

Say what you will
I know you're coming home still
I wanna turn on your light
But you know you're so hard to find

I know you're worth it
Know your worth girl
You're close to perfect

I know you're worth it
Know your worth girl
You're close to perfect
I know your worth it

The sun will shine when you return
But until then I'll try to learn
All I can about you
I know you're worth it

(I know you're worth it)

I know you're there
I wanna know if you still care
They tried to turn off your light
But you lived to see another night


Track Name: Wait For Me

I got some things I gotta do
When I'm done you know the first one I'm coming to
Some people call me insane but I travel these plains for you
Oh I wanna know you're true

It's hard to tell
If I'll ever get to see you again
I don't know when

So if you see her
Tell her I'm looking for her
Don't loose hope
I'm coming on home
Wait for me
Wait for me
Wait for me

I know it's been a while
Now the only time I ever get to see you smile
Is a picture of you just a glimpse into your world
Oh I wanna know you girl

Track Name: Premonition Love

Somethin' ain't right
You thought I forgot about you girl
Well then all of a sudden
You invited me back into your world

Drivin' to you with no headlights
On the mountain roads
Couldn't see right
I was travelin' by intuition
Your love was a premonition

Once ina while can I?
Try to make you smile
It'll be worth your while
Take a chance on a wild

When you got a chance to talk to me freely
You said you saw right through me
You told me love's not something you keep
It's a two way street where do you wanna meet